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The Best Flex PCB Manufacturers, The electronics industry has evolved and now has limitless flex PCB manufacturers.

For the best results, you can’t just approach any Tom, Dick, and Harry to manufacture a PCB for you.

You will need a manufacturer with a long history of producing high-quality products.

And in some cases, you might be forced to consider the expertise and professional technicians the manufacturer has in place. 

But that’s not all. Choosing the best flex PCB manufacturer won’t be a walk in the park.

For this reason, we have prepared this piece to help you get a worthy manufacturer. Let’s get rolling. 

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Understanding Flex Circuits

Inside a busy circuit board manufacturing company

(Inside a busy circuit board manufacturing company)

With the many compact devices, you don’t need more signs to know that flexible circuit boards are taking over.

These thin, foldable circuit boards make a worthy alternative to rigid boards.

And instead of solder masks, flex circuits use coverlay materials.

Moreover, they have non-conductive materials to insulate the copper traces. 

Furthermore, flex circuit boards have stiffeners to provide the required mechanical support.

You can quickly identify these circuit boards by their lightweight and high flexibility.

They can be multi-layer, dual-layer, double-sided, single-sided, or single-layer PCB. 

However, flex circuit boards undergo a complex manufacturing process making them more expensive than rigid PCBs.

Regardless, you’ll never get a better option for designing circuits with limited spaces and compact designs. 

What Are Flex Manufacturer Services?

Beyond circuit board assembly, we have several services that flex manufacturers offer.

This section explores the standard services:


prototyping solderless breadboard

(prototyping solderless breadboard)

Developing a prototype before production reduces the production process cost and timeframe.

They create a reference sample you can use for your final development.

Therefore, prototypes offer a framework for testing designs, making adjustments, and fixing errors.

As a result, when you start the production process, it will be smooth and quick. 

Design and Layout Services

The design and layout are one of PCB manufacturers’ most important services.

These processes help to speed up the PCB manufacturing process.

In most cases, you’ll have to provide some basic information. 

Afterward, the manufacturing company will complete the processes without involving you.

Moreover, manufacturers accept existing files to make changes and solve design errors.  

File Analysis and Review

Manufacturers offer design analysis and review before manufacturing kick-off.

Therefore, manufacturers use this process to finalize error and defect checking.

Also, this is the time to ensure they have all they need to start the manufacturing process.

As a result, there will be faster manufacturing and fewer delivery delays on the customer’s end. 

SMT Stencil production

SMT stencils are laser cut and comprise stainless steel.

They guarantee that you apply coverlay on the expected places. 


Panelized electronic PCB prepared for assembling

(Panelized electronic PCB prepared for assembling)

Panelization involves grouping circuit boards for faster processing.

This is common in situations where high-volume production is key.

Therefore, consider a manufacturer that offers panelization, especially when looking for high-volume production and a faster production timeframe. 

Questions To Ask A Flex PCB Manufacturer

With the countless flex PCB manufacturers, choosing the perfect one for your needs can become overwhelming.

Manufacturers have unique selling points that might make them stand out.

Therefore, asking the following questions might help you pick the right one.

How many years of active service have you been around?

As far as electronics is concerned, experience is king.

The number of years will outline the manufacturer’s competence and ability to adapt to changing times. 

What are your certifications?

Some manufacturers are known to provide low-quality products at record time.

A big question mark is on the quality of the process and material selection.

And if you follow closely, you’ll realize those manufacturers lack the relevant production certifications.

Therefore, they don’t follow the set manufacturing rules and standards

Where is the location of customer service?

This question is handy if you prefer long-term technical service from the manufacturer.

It’s worth noting that most manufacturers only have a sales team that offers basic customer services.

Let something significant occur, and you’re left on your own. 

Where do you manufacture the flex PCB?

Believe it or not, only a few companies that claim to be PCB manufacturers do the actual manufacturing.

Most are just brokers between the actual manufacturers and customers.

Therefore, the manufacturer should assure you they do the entire manufacturing process. 

What make you unique?

This question will meet many manufacturers by surprise because they don’t have an answer to it.

Most duplicate services from competitors and don’t offer anything unique.

Therefore, if your potential manufacturer can’t answer this question, it’s time to pack and move to the next one. 

Considerations While Selecting A Flex Circuit Manufacturer

An automated robotic industrial equipment testing

(An automated robotic industrial equipment testing)

Now that you asked the above question, what do you consider when selecting a competent flex circuit manufacturer?

This section provides the relevant tips:

Fab notes: The best manufacturers aren’t limited to what they can accept in fab notes. 

Customer and technical support: Does your manufacturer offer engineering support such as design review and after-production support?

Generally, the manufacturer has to ensure the design has no errors before production. 

Quality: There should be no doubt about the manufacturer producing high-quality boards at the first trial.

Also, the high quality should not force you to compromise the delivery time and cost. 

Delivery time: Most low-cost manufacturers will take longer to deliver a complete circuit board.

Therefore, getting your board in record time might cost you more. 

Testing services: Will the manufacturer offer testing services after manufacturing at no additional cost?

If yes, don’t think twice about selecting the manufacturer. 

Capacity: Does your potential manufacturer have the capacity to manage volume production in record time? 

Certification: A good manufacturer should possess the relevant production certifications.

For example, can they guarantee UL 94V-0 fire resistance certification

Material selection: There is no secret as far as material selection is concerned. Using high-quality materials directly translates into high-performance and durable products; all manufacturers should guarantee it.

Equipment capability: You only need to examine the equipment to conclude the manufacturer’s competence.

For example, a manufacturer with modern equipment has a high chance of delivering complex and quality circuit boards in record time. 

Why Is Choosing the Flex Circuit Manufacturer Important?

A flexible printed circuit board

(A flexible printed circuit board)

Why does it always matter to consider the best PCB manufacturer?

First, these manufacturers have long-term assembly experience and fully understand the flex circuit fabrication process like the palm of their hand.

And they will never compromise quality for cost by using low-quality materials.

Furthermore, such manufacturers abide by the design standards and rules, thus creating high-quality products.

And the turnaround time is also fast enough to ensure you finish your project on time. 

Finally, despite the high-quality products, the cost is always friendly.

Such companies make profits from volume production and not from overcharging customers. 


What is the cost of manufacturing a flex PCB?

Most manufacturers will ask for between 50 cents to $300 to manufacture a flex board.

However, the price isn’t constant and might change depending on the flex circuit manufacturer.

Funny enough, the complexity of a board will also affect manufacturing costs.

Massive productions sometimes attract lower costs, and flex circuit boards are more costly to manufacture than rigid boards. 

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Final Remarks

You’ll make the mistake of your life if you choose a flex circuit manufacturer based only on cost.

Although cost is essential, other considerations like capacity, turnaround time, equipment capability, and product quality must take priority.

How does it benefit you to have hundreds of cheap circuit boards that get damaged after a month? 

At FlexiPCB, we are dedicated to bringing your manufacturing needs alive. What are you waiting for?

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